TCCO.NL has an excellent track record in:

  • Speeding-up UNIFACE development processes,

  • Migrating UNIFACE applications,

  • Modernizing UNIFACE applications,

  • UNIFACE development/maintenance.

TCCO.NL helped Formido DIY, “a franchise organization with over 80 DIY stores, the 4th largest DIY chain in the Netherlands”, successful at migrating Formido’s mission critical C/S application built in UNIFACE.

TCCO.NL helped Formido automating the paperless office process with the UNIFACE TCCO-FAST Framework. By automating this process which uncovers more than 200.000 euro worth of price differences per year, Formido is able to save hundreds of thousands of euros on a yearly basis. With this project, UNIFACE TCCO-FAST enabled us, in a relatively short period of time, to deliver a great result to the business.

TCCO.NL helped Aurion, “an integral part of the Chandler Macleod Group”, to modernize their innovative, cost effective and best practice (ISO 9001:2008 accredited) HR and Payroll application. Aurion have an excess of 250 customers, including more than 125 Government Agencies and Councils in Australia divided over 22 industries and across 5 countries, ranging in size from under 100 to over 26,000 staff members. For our largest customer, Aurion provides an excess of 50,000 licenses of their payroll software.

TCCO.NL has a long term relationship with Gallery DIJKSTRA. Years ago, we developed DIJKSTRA’s C/S art rental application powered with UNIFACE. The application has been stable from day one. No bug has been detected since the first delivery. TCCO.NL has maintained the application since then. Last year, we integrated SEPA in a couple of days successfully in their application.

TCCO.NL helped O.P.I., “a wholesale organization in nail products”, automating the planogram and web ordering process build in UNIFACE powered by TCCO-FAST. This project was a real time saver. Planograms are now developed in a matter of days instead of weeks.

TCCO.NL is for many companies a B2B, B2C transformation partner. We exchange for example data using SRIF - a requirements interchange format designed by TCCO and Synergio - from Word into TopTeam. We helped customers to exchange data into SEPA, CBS. And we helped customers presenting content in PDF format or in a responsive Website.