TCCO-FAST UNIFACE Framework reduces the maintenance cost and speeds up the development process up to 6 times compared to a traditional UNIFACE development approach.

TCCO-FAST UNIFACE Framework is easy to learn. A business analyst can assemble, depending on the amount of business rules, between the 70% and 95% their business critical application. For example, using the TCCO-FAST UNIFACE Framework the realization of an authorized search, browse and maintenance tab implementation for maintaining an account, account addresses, and account log can be done in less than one hour. Using this approach the need of an experienced UNIFACE developer is limited to the implementation of complex business rules, services and/or the implementation of extra functionality in the TCCO-FAST UNIFACE Framework.

The TCCO-FAST Framework implements the Deming Circle using the full power of UNIFACE. Implementing the Deming Circle we follow the powerful DRY-paradigm (Don’t Repeat Yourself). DRY separates functionality into simple tasks without overlapping other tasks. New functionality or existing functionality can be improved in a matter of minutes instead of weeks. TCCO-FAST has proven to be flexible. Many customers personalized TCCO-FAST from a simple change in the user interface to added functionality letting the framework meet their requirements.