TCCO Innovations

TCCO.NL has more than 20 years’ experience in developing innovative solutions integrating open standards with the full power of UNIFACE. With more than 40.000 hours development experience in UNIFACE we can say that UNIFACE has become a part of our DNA.

All TCCO-innovations are implementing the Deming Circle. We: standardize, follow standards, monitor and improve. Using this approach we reduced the development and maintenance costs of their business critical applications for many customers.



  • TCCO-FAST UNIFACE Authentication and Authorization

  • TCCO-FAST DOCX UNIFACE Apache FOP PDF document generator.

  • TCCO-FAST FIND UNIFACE Solr Lucene™ Search Engine Integration


  • Word2Website Responsive Website Generator just from Word.

TCCO-Innovations/paradigms are implemented in small and large enterprises (i.e. the top 100 in Europe). For example: Centric, IMEC, TUI, VBI, WUR, Gallery Dijkstra, O.P.I., CVZ.